Welcome and Hello,

My name is Anita Jafari and I am a master certified life coach, experienced academician with a background in psychology, leadership, and pharmacy. I know, a weird combination, right?

I have coached and mentored hundreds of adult learners for over 15 years. I am driven by encouraging, inspiring and motivating individuals to reach their potential and an avid proponent of personal and professional development. I have delivered local and national presentations on topics related to mindset, emotional intelligence, motivation, empowerment, failures, overcoming challenges, well-being and resilience. I am a published scholar and take great pride in serving as a source of love and light for everyone who crosses my path.

My Journey:

My interest in life coaching stems from years of impacting adult learners, family and friends in addition to battling and conquering my own trials and tribulations. I have had my fair share of heartbreaks, yo-yo’s with my weight and out of alignment in work positions. I am a single mother to an amazing little boy named Aiden. My transformation began when I found myself repeating patterns that were no longer serving me. It took a lot of courage to dig deep and realize that I had the answers I needed all along. I can relate to a lot of what you are experiencing now and I am happy being on the other side of that because it has landed me in this space so you can do the same. That is why I am extremely PASSIONATE about my mission which is to serve and help you gain clarity, insight and wisdom for what infinite possibilities lay ahead. My top 5 core values are authenticity, love, truthfulness, integrity and courage. I embody all of these values as a coach and am determined to help you achieve your desired outcomes so you can live a fulfilled happier life.